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Marine Adventures

Our comprehensive bouquet of marine excursions and breath taking destinations are not only perfect for adventure seekers, but can also be specifically tailored to the needs of corporate teams ensuring focused development with learning experiences that benefit staff back in the work place.

Exciting, versatile and yet specialized in the aquatic realm, are some of the ways to describe our activities which include:

Exhilarating Rigid Inflatable Boat Charters:

For the experience of a lifetime, our charter service trumps the conventional sight-seeing boat trip because we take you closer to the action and cover more coastline than any other operator.

We utilise large Rigid Inflatable Boats with powerful twin engines and specialised seating, giving you the ultimate eco-adventure experience.

Even without all the stimulating sights and sounds, just to feel the wind through your hair and the incredible sense of freedom that comes with riding the crests of the waves on such a powerful machine is enough to have you shrieking with joy!

Awesome Shark Cage Diving:

Carcharodon Carcharias, the Great White Shark, is a Cape coast local. Viewing one of these awesome predators, either from a boat or a shark cage sub-surface, is an intense experience that will inspire you for a lifetime. Please view an example of this type of activity in the following video.

Alternatively, if you are interested in other shark species and oceanic predators, come and bear witness with us to one of nature's greatest spectacles, The Sardine Run, which occurs during the months of May, June and July.

Majestic Whale Watching:

At least 37 species of whales and dolphins are found in South Africa's oceans, providing spectacular land and boat-based viewing. An interaction with these magnificent mammals will surely leave you spellbound, and it always seems as if they are just as curious about us as we are about them! Every year, from June to mid-December, the Cape coastline is graced with the presence of Southern Right and Humpback whales, some of the oceans' largest living creatures as they migrate past the southern tip of Africa.

The Southern Right's breeding ground is the sheltered coves of the Western Cape coast, with the majestic animals spending up to five months a year here. They pass their time frolicking, courting, and nursing their new-born calves. Other species such as the Bryde's whale are found here year-round enjoying our nutrient rich waters, so the chances are excellent that you will encounter some of these gentle giants in our winter months, just hop on board!

Thrilling Deep Sea Fishing:

Heading far out to sea off this coastline is a true adventure, an experience not to be underestimated, but what is more thrilling than to feel the power of an enormous game fish fighting for freedom on the end of your line? The nutrient rich waters off the southern African coast, churned up by the mixing of two mighty ocean currents attracts our renowned biological diversity including many species of pelagic game fish; yellow fin tuna, long fin tuna, yellow tail, snoek and dorado, to name a few.

The bountiful marine life you can encounter on the journey to and from our famous fishing grounds is only a hint of the unequal abundance of large predatory fish that can be found in the Deep. Trolling, baiting, spinning, and of course reeling until at last, sweet success as you land your catch! If deep sea fishing is not for you, we also offer inshore expeditions targeting various inshore pelagic, reef and bottom dwelling species. Equally thrilling but not as time consuming as deep sea fishing, allowing more time for other activities in your day.

Tranquil Kayaking:

Begin your exploration of the southern coast of Africa aboard a kayak. Let a sense of calm and tranquillity wash over you as you head off into the big blue yonder to begin a new type of adventure under "paddle power".

With experienced guides and all the necessary safety measures in place; discover sheltered coves, gullies, inlets and bays and even the open ocean beyond. Expect chance encounters with dolphins, whales, penguins, seals and pelagic birds, not to mention the stunning views, with little but the peaceful sound of the waves lapping against your craft and the rhythm of your oars.

Playful Seal Snorkelling:

The chances are that if you go anywhere near the sea in the Cape, you will meet the Cape Fur Seal, either basking in the sun, surfing the waves or peering out at you with big, round eyes from under some floating kelp. We have many seal colonies on our coastline, islands of rock that provide safe breeding and resting habitats but with a splash, the Cape Fur Seal transforms from a lazy, loping, land-lubber to a playful, puppy-like performer.

Sleek, swift and silent under the water, you can't help being drawn to these graceful creatures, and whether you choose to view them from a boat or frolic with them sub-surface in their world is entirely up to you. Please view an example of this type of activity in the following video. Call us and let us help you create an unforgettable encounter with these inquisitive, sociable, aquatic mammals.

"Funtastic" Surfing:

South Africa is one of the best places on the planet to surf. With relatively uncrowded, consistent waves for every level of surfing proficiency, surfing is easily one of the most popular marine sports in Cape Town. Healthy, exhilarating, challenging but most of all FUN! So why don't you join in? Come and learn to surf with us, you are never too old, or too young, and you don't have to do it alone!

Although learning to surf is an inspiring personal journey, it is also an excellent choice as a team building initiative, and enrolled in one of our surf clinics is an ideal way for children to spend their long summer holidays. In fact, summer or winter, you will never regret taking that first step and learning to ride the power of the waves.

"Core" Inspiring Stand Up Paddle Boarding:

S.U.P-ing is the latest aquatic craze and one can see why. It's an ideal way to strengthen your core and stay fit whilst having fun outdoors, relaxed and refreshed. Learn to S.U.P with us or, to make a memorable event, incorporate S.U.P-ing into an exciting team development day at the beach with some of our other marine adventures on offer. For an even more balancing and meditative experience try S.U.P Yoga, it's an innovative concept that is easier than it sounds and is sure to get your chakras aligned.

Adventurous Sail Boating:

Being one of the most breath-taking destinations and having an infamous reputation for wind conditions, the Fairest Cape is a perfect sailing playground. They say if you can sail in Cape Town you can sail anywhere, and our sailors are known far and wide for being highly capable and experienced. For sunset cruises and sight-seeing charters we will tailor the perfect charter based on your location and requirements. For those who want to learn to sail themselves, we also have certified instructors and training facilities to guide you through the challenging conditions and latest theoretical knowledge.

So, take advantage of our leisure and career-advancing courses for yachting and power-boating today, contact us and make your dream of sailing the seven seas a reality!

Peaceful Pelagic Birding:

A large variety of pelagic birds are drawn to our coastline, where the cold Benguela current meets the warm Agulhus current at the southern tip of Africa and brings a rich source of krill, and the food chain that follows. Such an immense food source combined with remote areas for breeding create a picturesque backdrop for anyone wanting to view or photograph the impressive bird migrations that are a common sight along our beautiful stretch of coast as well as the daily interactions and habits of these birds within the web of marine biodiversity.

Stress-Relieving SCUBA Diving:

Discover another world altogether when you dive into the Cape's majestic underwater wonderland. Leave all your stresses top-side and join us for a S.C.U.B.A experience, where you can maximize your time underwater to observe the hundreds of wrecks that lie at the bottom of our oceans amidst awesome kelp forests, coral gardens and in deep ocean reefs, encounter fish in their natural habitat or swim with the Cape Fur Seals who are never shy and all too happy to display their acrobatic abilities.

During the months between May to July, come and join us below the waves and witness nature's most intense wildlife event, the Sardine Run, where the east coast of Africa comes alive as seabirds, dolphins, sharks and even whales come together to feast on this 6km long seafood buffet!

Inspirational Free-Diving:

Free-diving teaches one complete relaxation and enables you to become one with the world beneath the waves, completely unattached from artificial breathing devices. When we become submerged our amphibious reflexes take over and we are like we were in the womb. With a single breath we morph into a new type of mammal, with amazing underwater abilities. Leave the everyday bustle behind and be inspired, rediscover the meditative watery world from where we originate.

Relaxing Sunset Cruises:

Cruise the coast in world-class style and timeless elegance, past Table Mountain along Cape Town's Atlantic seaboard. Feel the breeze on your face, sip champagne, enjoy delicious canapés and watch the golden sun slipping into the blue horizon. An unforgettable, luxurious experience to delight all your senses and obey your hearts desires, you won't regret ticking this marine adventure off your bucket list! Call Marine Scene now to make your booking.

Our skippers, operators and instructors are some of the most experienced and operate under the strictest safety standards being acknowledged as THE leading Water Safety Team for all marine events in South Africa.

They love to share their knowledge and passion for what they do, creating lasting memories for clients.

Cape Town Boat Tours - boat trips around Cape Town - whale watching / shark encounters / high speed boat adventures Cape Town Boat Tours - boat trips around Cape Town - whale watching / shark encounters / high speed boat adventures Cape Town Boat Tours - boat trips around Cape Town - whale watching / shark encounters / high speed boat adventures Cape Town Boat Tours - boat trips around Cape Town - whale watching / shark encounters / high speed boat adventures